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The SlickBack KickBack Report w/ Fonz De Falco

Oct 7, 2020

Fonz is joined today by good friend and co-host of Review and Preview, Kyle Russo! Kyle is a big Miami Heat so and since it’s been a while since Fonz did some NBA talk, what better way to bring it back by bringing in someone whose team is the NBA Finals. Fantasy Starting Five makes a return here as Fonz and Kyle draft a starting five lineup of their personal favorite Miami Heat players.

After Fonz talks with Kyle about his Miami Heat, they then talk about the New York Giants and New York Yankees and Kyle’s expectations for both of his teams going forward.

A good one today. As always, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

UPDATE WITH THE VIDEO VERSIONS: Video versions of the podcast will only be uploaded if Fonz has a guest on an episode for future shows. Audio versions will always be available if Fonz goes solo. More explained at the beginning of the episode.

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