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The SlickBack KickBack Report w/ Fonz De Falco

May 13, 2020

Mike DeSanto and Fonz discussed their predictions on JDF Sports so Fonz and Albert decided to bring Mike in to discuss what happened at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. On top of that, the guys also recap what happened on Raw the following night….and yes…..the Wild Card Rule……is back….great. They also talk about the early match card for AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view. Fantasy Starting Five also makes a return and this time the guys draft up a starting five of their favorite tag teams in all of pro wrestling.

After some wrestling talk, they also discuss MLB’s potential proposal to start up the delayed 2020 season and FINALLY....WE GET A NEW TONY HAWK VIDEO GAME (Fonz is no doubt hyped for this since he has been asking for this since the show started). 

A fun one today. As always don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. Check out the YouTube channel if you want to see the video version of this episode!

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