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The SlickBack KickBack Report w/ Fonz De Falco

May 2, 2020

He’s been on the show a few times but good friend and the person who created the name of the podcast Nick Richards finally makes his solo debut on The SlickBack KickBack Report!

Fonz starts off by asking Nick about the NYC lifestyle with the pandemic going on right now and how he’s holding up. The guys then discuss the NBA and when they think it’ll start back up as well as what the future of the league will look like. With both guys being sad Knicks fans, they make their All-Time New York Knicks lineup while also discussing their favorite Knicks players.

Other topics include; what shows they are watching, Nick’s music career, and the NBA Looks Like Game. A fun show today, take a listen, subscribe, rate, review, and you know what, check out the YouTube channel as well!

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