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The SlickBack KickBack Report w/ Fonz De Falco

Feb 12, 2020

The XFL debuted this past weekend and Fonz is HYPED (technically it debuted in 2001 but it doesn’t count in Fonz’s personal record book). Both Fonz and Producer Albert discussed what went down in the XFL and can it be a great change of pace to the NFL. With baseball season starting up, the guys also discuss the Mookie Betts trade and how much of a mess the Boston Red Sox are.

Turning over to the wrestling side, they discuss how much they hate that wrestlers have been getting part of their name removed as well as making predictions for NXT’s upcoming pay-per-view, TakeOver: Portland. With Seth Rollins’ faction being a big thing on Monday Night Raw, the guys do a special Fantasy Starting Five of current WWE superstars they would build a faction with.

Other topics today include Tik Tok taking over Fonz’s life, video games we are currently playing, and Netflix crime documentaries.

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